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Become a MY Neighbors Volunteer

Call us at 828-295-2412  (If calling from a land line: 1-828-295-2412) 

Or email us at:

As we age and it becomes more challenging to drive or to complete small tasks around the house it can become difficult to remain at home. Yet continuing to live at home as long as possible is most peoples’ preference.  It can be crucial for emotional and financial reasons.  You can help make a difference by volunteering with MY Neighbors!  In the process you will get to know new members of our community, both members of MY Neighbors and other volunteers.  You will help your neighbors who are in need.  Volunteering helps build a stronger community.  The MY Neighbors network of volunteers might even help you someday as you age.

Volunteers are crucial to MY Neighbors since the number of new members we can accept is limited by the number of volunteers we have.  We are an all-volunteer organization with a “virtual office” and no paid staff.  The more volunteers we have, the more members we can serve.

Most volunteers assist members only once or twice a month.  There are opportunities to become more active, particularly as a call manager, if you are interested.

Here are some of the skills we need:

  • Drivers to take members to medical, shopping, neighborhood and cultural appointments.   Transportation is our most frequent service request.  Most of us go shopping once a week.  Why not take a neighbor with you to Burnsville or Spruce Pine or pick up some groceries for someone?  You could take someone to the library when you go for books, or to town for a lecture or social event.  Would you commit to taking a neighbor to an exercise class or to lunch with a friend once a week?  Would you be willing to give someone a ride to a doctor’s appointment?  These are examples of how you can help with transportation.
  • Home maintenance help for simple jobs such as –

o   light bulb changing where a ladder is needed

o   window screens: put up/take down

o   picture hanging

o   placing boxes on high shelves

o   other jobs that require use of indoor ladders


  • Miscellaneous Household Tasks:

o   Plant watering

o   Light gardening

o   Reading, games, friendly visits

o   Pet care where there is a temporary need


  • Call managers to take calls from members and arrange the help they need, either from other volunteers or from our list of recommended vendors who work for pay.  You can be a call manager from the convenience of your own home (or if you have a cell phone, from wherever you are!)  We will show you how to use your computer to use our simple software program to log service requests.


  • Computer and electronics helpers who can assist with basic computer, tablet, cell phone, remote control and similar gadget setups and trouble shooting.


  • We also need Organizational help for ongoing outreach and member services activities, such as attracting new MY Neighbors members and other volunteers.

If you are willing to volunteer for 1-3 hours once or twice a month, or to be on call for a half day a week as a call manager, we would love your help! We offer flexibility in scheduling as well.

Volunteers complete a simple signup sheet that lets you select which services best fit your schedule and interests. The signup lets you plan your schedule in advance.  A phone call allows you do something on a shorter time frame if you are free.

To become a Volunteer, email us or give us a call!



My Neighbors

PO Box 686

Burnsville, NC 28714

828 295 2412

Web site: